September 2016.

We plan within the following year to organize several engaging and valuable events and workshops under the roof of “Electric vehicles and renewable energy sources”.

To select the locations/cities for these events we are seeking input both from our filed contacts and you – visiting us through our website. In the below poll you can vote for one of the nominated cities and tell us where you would love to visit such an event.

The main aim of the event is to, in an entertaining, educational and user-friendly way, raise awareness and promote the usage of electric vehicles, as well as renewable energy sources aimed at private consumption, cities but also in certain cases the state level. These will be one-day events targeted at industry specialists, marketing and sales professionals in the field as well as engaging the general public to introduce and spread the topic to a more accessible level. The content will include informative presentations, panel discussions, workshops with key industry participants, and for general public testing of the electric vehicles.