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  • Guinness World Record confirmed: World’s Largest Parade of Electric Cars (w/Video) 22. 09. 2017.
    Well, I must admit, I had almost given up on it. But then I got this message from the Danish electric car union, who had worked very hard to organize this particular attempt to beat the world record of the largest parade of electric vehicles: It is with great pleasure that the Danish electric car union, […]
    Jesper Berggreen
  • Lithium is my EV Crystal Ball 22. 09. 2017.
    Governments, Oil companies, Automakers, Tony Seba – they all have an opinion on when EVs will overtake ICE, and then move on to 100% of new car sales. Anywhere in the range 2025 to 2050, take your pick. It is all when not if. That is a huge shift. It was golf carts 2 years […]
    Bruce Turner
  • Volkswagen’s $84 Billion Tesla Fighting Budget & IAA Announcements 19. 09. 2017.
    At the International Motor Show in Frankfurt we saw Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW all show some electric concepts. And most of them are really far future concepts, the kind you find at auto shows but never see the light of day. Here are some highlights: Audi AiCon Elaine BMW iVision Dynamics Concept: Mercedes eQA:   None […]
    Siddharth Dalal
  • Alphabet/Google To Possibly Invest In Lyft, & Link Lyft With Waymo 19. 09. 2017.
    Alphabet/Google is in talks with the on-demand taxi service Lyft about a possible investment — which would presumably involve some kind of link-up with Google’s self-driving vehicle tech firm Waymo — according to recent reports. Considering that Google/Waymo is currently in the process of suing Lyft’s competitor Uber for trade secret theft, the news is […]
    James Ayre
  • Chevy Bolt From Cruise “1st Production-Ready Self-Driving Car” 19. 09. 2017.
    Alright, all you Teslaholics. Settle down. We all know that every Tesla built since October 2016 is capable of full Level 5 self-driving operation. But that hasn’t stopped Cruise Automation, the San Francisco based autonomous car startup purchased outright by General Motors last year, from claiming it has the world’s first production-ready self-driving car. How […]
    Steve Hanley
  • Daimler Begins 1st US Deliveries Of All-Electric eCanter Trucks 16. 09. 2017.
    Daimler AG has begun delivering its all-electric eCanter trucks to customers in the US — with a delivery of 3 units to the United Parcel Service (UPS) representing the first — according to recent reports. In relation to this development Daimler revealed that it’s planning to expand its range of electric truck offerings within 2 […]
    James Ayre
  • Renault & Ferrovial To Launch Carsharing Service With Fleet Of 500 ZOEs In Madrid 12. 09. 2017.
    Renault and the firm Ferrovial Services will be launching a carsharing service that has been dubbed “Zity” in Madrid, Spain, according to a recent press release. This carsharing service fleet will initially be composed of 500 all-electric Renault Zoe cars; most of which will be stationed within Madrid’s M-30 beltway, though some will also be […]
    James Ayre
  • How To Charge An Electric Car — 10 Core Steps 31. 08. 2017.
    Electric cars — great, fun, quick, clean, smooth, quiet, convenient to charge at home and work. But wait, what’s life like with an electric car? How do you charge? Where do you charge? What do you need to charge? How do you protect the most valuable component of the car — the battery? After living […]
  • Tesla Close To Testing Self-Driving Semi Truck, Going By Emails Between Tesla & Nevada DMV 12. 08. 2017.
    Tesla is getting closer to the point of testing a long-haul, self-driving electric semi truck, going by recent emails between the company and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles that Reuters reported on. How much closer? It’s hard to say, especially when one considers the economic hurdles that would have to be surpassed for long-haul […]
    James Ayre
  • Details About The Tesla Model 3 Battery Emerge (w/Videos) 09. 08. 2017.
    What is the difference between the Tesla 18650 battery cells and the new 2170 cells? It's all explained here. Details About The Tesla Model 3 Battery Emerge (w/Videos) was originally published on EV Obsession.
    Steve Hanley

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  • Spain’s MOVEA Program Aims To Boost Plug-In Vehicle Sales 23. 09. 2017.
    The Spanish government has decided to redirect some its tax revenues to support alternative fuel vehicles, including plug-ins – through a new edition of the MOVEA program this Summer A total of €14.2 million ($15.9 million) is to be spent by October 15, which is nearly the same amount of...
    Mark Kane
  • Formula E Won’t Change Technical Roadmap For New Manufacturers 23. 09. 2017.
    Formula E boss Alejandro Agag insists that the all-electric series’ technical roadmap will not be altered by the arrival of new manufacturers. With Mercedes and Porsche due to join Formula E in season six, some fears have been voiced about the potential for a technological “arms race” in the championship,...
  • Watch Tesla Model S Beat Supercars In World’s Greatest Drag Race 23. 09. 2017.
    Better luck next time, Ferrari, McLaren and the others. The “World’s Greatest Drag Race” is back for its seventh installment. Naturally, the crew at Motor Trend managed to wrangle up 10 of the quickest, most powerful cars available on the market today. Even with all that horsepower on display, though,...
    Jeff Perez
  • NorthVolt Starts Fundraising Efforts For 32 GWh Battery Gigafactory 23. 09. 2017.
    NorthVolt – a new EV lithium-ion battery company established out of north Sweden (hence the name we suppose), has aspirations to build its own gigafactory. The company was founded by a former Tesla executive, and is now searching for investment partners in the venture. The total cost of the 32 GWh facility is estimated...
    Mark Kane
  • Tesla Model 3 Detailed Video Review Finally Surfaces 23. 09. 2017.
    Who better than a Fremont-based Tesla-centric obsessive and compulsive detailing company to post the very first detailed Tesla Model 3 video review? Yes, OCDetailing (gotta love the name) has seen and worked on literally thousands of Tesla vehicles. Now that the floodgates are open, and Tesla will be beginning to...
    Steven Loveday
  • Hurricane Survival 101: Tesla Vehicle, Tesla Powerwall, Solar Roof 23. 09. 2017.
    SURVIVAL KIT: TESLA POWERWALL, SOLAR PANELS, AND ELECTRIC VEHICLES BRAVE THE HURRICANE If you’re in the path of a hurricane, is it better to have an EV or a dinosaur-burner? Since Harvey and Irma’s unwanted visits, partisans on online forums have been fiercely debating this question. Of course, each powertrain has its...
  • Super Volcanos Provide New Lithium Source 23. 09. 2017.
    Fast growing demand for lithium resources has redirected the attention of some scientists to search for new ways of sourcing the element…that is, other than extracting brines in Chile or mining in Australia. Recently, Stanford researchers discovered that lithium can be found in supervolcanos, and have published new details on...
    Mark Kane
  • Alcraft Wants To Crowdfund A Electric GT Shooting Brake 23. 09. 2017.
    The company wants to raise about $776,000 to build a running prototype Fledgling British electric automaker the Alcraft Motor Company hopes that a crowdfunding campaign might help get its first vehicle on the road. Simply called the GT, the design plays on the look of a classic shooting brake with...
    Chris Bruce
  • Hurricane Irma Tesla Range-Extension Good Through October 1 23. 09. 2017.
    Most have heard the news that Tesla sent a free, temporary, over-the-air software update to help some owners flee Hurricane Irma. Now, the automaker extends the range bump. It’s a hurricane season like none other, and it’s extremely difficult for forecasters to know exactly when the next storm will make landfall...
    Steven Loveday
  • ChargePoint Expands Its European Charging Network 22. 09. 2017.
    ChargePoint has recently introduced solutions for every charging need in Europe – the second-largest global EV market, using a $125 million Series G investment from Siemens and Daimler. These solutions include charging stations for home, work, around town, and long distance travel. While the DC chargers in play for Europe...
    Mark Kane


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  • Electric Car S-Curve Adoption By Country (Fun Chart!) 23. 09. 2017.
    Electric car sales are increasing at very different speeds around the world. Some developed countries still only see a handful of electric car sales per month. Others are moving hundreds of cars off of lots and into garages every day Electric Car S-Curve Adoption By Country (Fun Chart!) was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read […]
    Zachary Shahan
  • Tesla Exploring Opening Service Stations Alongside Superchargers 23. 09. 2017.
    Tesla is reportedly exploring the possibility of opening service stations to be co-located with its Superchargers, reports GrubStreet Tesla Exploring Opening Service Stations Alongside Superchargers was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook | RSS | Twitter.
    Kyle Field
  • Tesla Reportedly Working With AMD On Self-Driving AI Chip 23. 09. 2017.
    Tesla is reportedly now working with the chip manufacturer AMD on the development of its own self-driving tech management AI chip, according to an unnamed source quoted by CNBC in a recent article Tesla Reportedly Working With AMD On Self-Driving AI Chip was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 […]
    James Ayre
  • Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales In North America To Be 50% Higher In 2017 Than In 2016, Navigant Research Report States 23. 09. 2017.
    Sales of plug-in electric vehicles in the North American markets will be roughly 50% higher in 2017 than they were were in 2016, based on current trends, according to a new report from Navigant Research. That should come as no surprise to those of you who follow our monthly electric car sales reports Plug-In Electric […]
    James Ayre
  • “Tesla Supercharger” For Your Phone … As You Wait For Your Model 3 23. 09. 2017.
    Tesla Model 3 reservation holders that are getting a bit impatient, and desperate for any sort of distraction at all, may be interested in reading about their ability to purchase (or 3D print) their own Tesla Supercharger–styled smartphone charger “Tesla Supercharger” For Your Phone … As You Wait For Your Model 3 was originally published […]
    James Ayre