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  • Volvo Cars Agrees To Supply Uber With 24,000 Self-Driving Cars 22. 11. 2017.
    A non-binding agreement that would see Volvo Cars supply the on-demand taxi service provider Uber with up to 24,000 self-driving cars from 2019 to 2021 has been created, according to recent reports. While the non-exclusive deal may not seem to mean much this far out (well, just 2–4 years from now, but that’s a long […]
    James Ayre
  • Ford Reveals First PHEV Designed For Police & Government Organizations 22. 11. 2017.
    Following the reveal earlier this year of the first pursuit-rated hybrid police vehicle in the world, Ford has now also revealed a new plug-in hybrid offering designed for police forces and other government customers. While the new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) only possesses an all-electric range of 21 miles per full-charge (that’s the essentially real-world range-rating […]
    James Ayre
  • Volkswagen Execs Approve 5-Year Plan That Will See €34 Billion Spent On EVs & Self-Driving Cars 21. 11. 2017.
    Executives at Volkswagen approved on Friday a new 5-year spending plan that will see more than €34 billion (~$40 billion) spent on electric vehicles, self-driving vehicle tech, and so-called new mobility services by the end of 2022. The new plan, which was approved following a supervisory board meeting, is reportedly intended to “further the German […]
    James Ayre
  • Norwegian Wealth Fund Will Divest Its Oil & Gas Holdings 21. 11. 2017.
    Norway, which is still a monarchy, has two sovereign wealth funds. The Government Pension Fund Global, also known as the Oil Fund, was established in 1990 to invest the profits from the country’s petroleum sales. As of September of this year, it was valued at more than $1 trillion, equal to $192,307 per Norwegian citizen. The other […]
    James Ayre
  • Volkswagen AG partners with JAC for $12 Billion Chinese electric car push 18. 11. 2017.
    Volkswagen $12 Billion investment Bloomberg reports that Volkswagen has outlined its electric vehicle investments in China with an announcement of investment of $12 billion over the next 7 years with its Chinese joint venture partner JAC (Anhui Jianghuai Automobile). JAC a relatively unknown company in the west have had an electric range of cars under the […]
    Tim Dixon
  • The Clean World Began with the Roadster — The Dirty World Ends With the Roadster 2 17. 11. 2017.
    I am not pretending to be any more capable of covering the shocking revelation of the second generation Tesla Roadster than any other enthusiastic EV blogger out there. However, this event brings back that peculiar sensation I experienced in the passenger seat of this particular Tesla Roadster back in 2011: I was a petrol head […]
    Jesper Berggreen
  • All Electric Around the World — Revisited 09. 11. 2017.
    Hjalte has already seen me coming up the driveway to their house. He opens the door and greets me. I notice the electric Nissan Qashqai jacked up with one rear wheel removed. “What’s wrong with your car?” I ask. “Green won’t charge.” he answers, “Nina thinks it has something to do with the charge port, […]
    Jesper Berggreen
  • Truck Rental + Leasing Firm Ryder Systems Ordering 125 All-Electric Chanje Delivery Vans 09. 11. 2017.
    The US-based truck rental and leasing firm Ryder Systems will be ordering 125 all-electric delivery vans from the Los Angeles–based startup Chanje. Chanje is backed by the FDG Electric Vehicles (a China-based firm that sells electric delivery vans), and this is one of the first large orders for all-electric vans or trucks in the US […]
    James Ayre
  • DiDi Chuxing & The Developing Chinese Electric Car Ecosystem 08. 11. 2017.
    Didi Chuxing (China’s Uber-like ride-hailing service) has been in the news recently. It announced 1) plans to create its own electric car charging network, 2) a partnership with NEVS for one million electric self-driving cars, 3) that it’s a partner in Changan Automobile Group’s $15 billion Shangri La electric vehicle transition plan, and 4) that […]
    Tim Dixon
  • EV Road Trials – Different Levels of Range Under Different Conditions. 08. 11. 2017.
    Introduction On 1 October this year, I published an article in Cleantechnica, in which I shared my experience of driving an EV. I explained the facts, and theory, behind getting the best range out of an electric vehicle. The title of the article was “Electric Car Range Tips, & How An Electric Car Works”. I […]
    Andy Miles

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  • Plug-In EV Sales In China Increase By 106% In October To 91,000 21. 11. 2017.
    New Energy Vehicles (AKA plug-in vehicles) are selling at a near record pace in China of late. In October, a stunning 91,000 were sold, which is 106% more than year ago according to CAAM. Breakdown on the sales by category: BEVs: 77,000 (up 95.8%) PHEVs: 14,000 (up 194%) After the...
    Mark Kane
  • We Check Out The Arcimoto Electric 3-Wheeler 21. 11. 2017.
    The Arcimoto FUV: First Delivery Of A Production Vehicle. Julie and I took a road trip to Eugene Oregon to attend the November 11th opening of the AMP. (Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant) 700 enthusiast attended and saw many millions of dollars of new manufacturing equipment that arrived earlier in the week ...
    Peder Norby
  • Tesla Model 3 Parallel Parks Itself – Video 21. 11. 2017.
    This Tesla Model 3 parallel self-park appears to be spot on. As most of us are well aware at this point, Tesla is continually updating its Autopilot system. Early on, it appeared that perhaps some of the early first Model 3 vehicles, which were delivered to Tesla employees, had a...
    Steven Loveday
  • Uber Orders 24,000 Plug-In Hybrid Volvo XC90s 21. 11. 2017.
    Volvo Cars will supply tens of thousands (apparently 24,000) autonomous drive compatible cars to Uber between 2019 and 2021. Making up the Uber order is the XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid, as well as the potential to include the XC60 T8 in the future. For Uber, the big order for autonomous-ready...
    Mark Kane
  • UPDATE: Non-Employees Finally Get Invite To Order Tesla Model 3 21. 11. 2017.
    And here it is … non-employees finally get to configure their Tesla Model 3. Well, it was supposed to happen by the end of October — customer deliveries that is — but we’re heading into late November and although deliveries may not happen for awhile, the first step starts today....
    Steven Loveday
  • Making Sense Out of Tesla’s Semi Truck Economics 21. 11. 2017.
    During Tesla’s semi truck unveiling they presented some pretty impressive economic numbers. I must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed and could not get the numbers to add up. Once understood the number DO make sense. Here’s why. While the electric truck costs more, it is good for one...
    George Bower
  • Model 3 Zippier Than Tesla States, Does 0 To 60 MPH In 4.8 Seconds 21. 11. 2017.
    Testing has revealed that the Tesla Model 3 can hit 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds. Oh, and the Model 3 is a finalist for Motor Trend’s 2018 Car of the Year, too. Back to that 4.8-second time. When Tesla revealed the Model 3, the automaker stated: “Like...
    Eric Loveday
  • Putting The New Tesla Roadster’s Insane Quickness Into Perspective 21. 11. 2017.
    We put the new Tesla Roadster’s performance into perspective with its nearest competitors. The new Roadster’s unveiling came at the same time as the Californian company’s new truck – in fact it appeared out of the back of the trailer unit accompanied by the sort of clouds of smoke you’d...
  • Check Out The Four Model 3 Motors That Power The Tesla Semi – Video 21. 11. 2017.
    This time, KmanAuto goes “ninja” and delivers rare shots of the Tesla Semi’s “Beefy/Pumpkiny” drive units! The Tesla Semi likely has a battery pack that’s around 1 MWh, and it uses four independent electric motors. This gives the truck the torque of several top-of-the-line Model S vehicles and also makes...
    Steven Loveday
  • Another Look At The Mercedes-Benz EQA (Now In White) – Video 20. 11. 2017.
    It turns out that the Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept had a sneak peak preview in Germany, prior to the official public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show (and the follow-up this month in Tokyo – live pics/videos of which below). While the concept shown at the Frankfurt show was silver, this...
    Mark Kane


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