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  • Royal Dutch Shell Announcement of Definite Plans for EV Chargers in UK 19. 10. 2017.
    The Announcement Shell have been making noises about installing EV fast chargers at their service stations in the UK for some time now. I wondered when those noises were going to translate into actual chargers.  I often glance at Shell service stations when driving by, just to see if there is anything there, yet. They […]
    Andy Miles
  • Royal Dutch Shell Purchases EV Charging Station Network Firm NewMotion 16. 10. 2017.
    Following earlier announcements that Royal Dutch Shell would be installing electric vehicle fast-charging stations at some of its gas/petrol service stations in certain parts of the world, the company has now revealed that it has gone a big step further and has acquired the electric vehicle charging network firm NewMotion. NewMotion is currently the owner […]
    James Ayre
  • Will Norway Pass The Newly Proposed “Tesla Tax?” 14. 10. 2017.
    The new draft 2018 budget put forward by Norway’s ruling minority government includes a provision to reduce the incentives on offer for especially heavy plug-in electric vehicles — primarily as a means of cutting support for large, heavy, luxury offerings. Image: Tesla Model S and Model X Supercharging in Norway. © Jacek Fior Unsurprisingly, the […]
    James Ayre
  • How Long Is The Road To Driverless Vehicles? New Report From PA Consulting 09. 10. 2017.
    A new report from PA Consulting with the title How Long Is The Road To Driverless Vehicles? Assessing how close the Nordics are to autonomous vehicles explores what roadblocks lie ahead before the world embraces driverless and fully autonomous vehicles that provide Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to us humans. Asking The Experts The report is based on […]
    Jesper Berggreen
  • Startup Backed By Boeing & JetBlue Planning To Bring Hybrid-Electric Airliner To Market By 2022 05. 10. 2017.
    The Seattle-area-based startup Zunum Aero — backed by the venture capital arms of Boeing and JetBlue Airways — is now planning to bring a small hybrid-electric airliner to market by the year 2022, it has revealed. This hybrid-electric aircraft will allow travel times and costs for trips under 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) to be “dramatically” […]
    James Ayre
  • Norwegian Grid Struggling To Keep Up With Growing EV Fleet 05. 10. 2017.
    Norway recently crossed a landmark number of 100 thousand EV and PHEV in active use in the country. With a population in Norway of 5.2 million, we are talking about an insane amount of electric-powered vehicles. Other countries are scrambling to get their EV policies in place while Norway just decided a few years ago […]
    Jesper Berggreen
  • The Longest Possible Trip In One Day — With The Shortest Possible Range 03. 10. 2017.
    In light of the just announced 150–350 kW High Power Charge system from ABB to be presented in Stuttgart, Germany, this October, I think this story needs to be told now, before it is so outdated no one will care. When first-movers travel far 118 km (73 miles) is what my Nissan e-NV200 Evalia showed […]
    Jesper Berggreen
  • Electric Car Range Tips, & How An Electric Car Works 01. 10. 2017.
    Having owned an electric vehicle for just over 18 months now, I feel able to share my knowledge, which may be of help to those considering an electric vehicle for the first time, or those who have just started out on the road to electric vehicle driving. One of the most talked about topics is […]
    Andy Miles
  • China Reveals NEV Quotas For Auto Manufacturers — 10% Of Annual Sales By 2019, 12% By 2020, But Nothing By 2018 29. 09. 2017.
    It appears that our earlier reports that China would be removing the 2018 requirements from its new energy vehicles (NEVs) quotas for auto manufacturers (in response to lobbying efforts) had some truth to them. China has now released the new NEV targets, and they do indeed lack the earlier 8% quota for 2018, but leave […]
    James Ayre
  • California Mulling Ways To “Ban” Gas & Diesel Cars 28. 09. 2017.
    Following similar moves elsewhere, authorities in the US state of California are now considering banning the sale of new gas- or diesel-powered cars there, going by comments made by the chairman of the California Air Resources Board in an interview with Bloomberg. That interview — with the California Air Resources Board’s head, Mary Nichols — […]
    James Ayre

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  • Nissan Presents e-NV200 Fridge Concept 20. 10. 2017.
    At the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan will present one more sorta electric concept car…at least one we were unfamiliar existed with – the e-NV200 Fridge Concept, which is equipped with an additional 12 kWh battery pack in the cargo space – to power a refrigeration unit. The main battery on...
    Mark Kane
  • Polestar 1 Might Carry Price Tag Of $177,000… That’s Crazy 20. 10. 2017.
    As much as we love the looks of the Polestar 1, there’s no way we could justify its price, which is expected to be nearly $200,000, or like $40,000 than a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S. For the time being, you won’t be able to actually own the Polestar 1 since the hybrid...
    Adrian Padeanu
  • Daimler Kicks Electric Commercial Truck Plan Into High Gear In U.S. 20. 10. 2017.
    Daimler has announced the launch of its FUSO eCanter electric truck in the U.S., with UPS and four other prominent NGO (not-for-profit) fleets in New York City (Wildlife Conservation Society, New York Botanical Garden, Habitat for Humanity New York City, and Big Reuse Brooklyn). UPS gets things started with the...
    Mark Kane
  • Tesla Gives Some Model 3 Workers Increased Wages, Job Security 20. 10. 2017.
    Tesla has officially agreed to a deal with workers at Tesla Grohmann Automation. As we previously reported, Tesla acquired Germany-based Grohmann Engineering in order to up its automation game and help with the Model 3 production ramp. Not long after the buyout, there were issues between Tesla, Grohmann founder Klaus Grohmann,...
    Steven Loveday
  • Watch This 30-Minute Tesla Model 3 Video 20. 10. 2017.
    The longest (over 30 minutes) Tesla Model 3 video to date has just surfaced. You’re gonna want to watch it. Like right now! The video however suffers from every imaginable issue. It’s vertical. Not in English. The car is largely cut off in most of the shots. But it’s our...
    Eric Loveday
  • Battery Expert Predicts The Obvious For The Future: Lower Cost, More Range 20. 10. 2017.
    Subhash Dhar, CEO of XALT Energy (and founding president of Ovonic Battert) encourages that electric vehicle batteries will become cheaper and more powerful over the next five years. In other news, Christmas will arrive this year on December 25th. Dhar said at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars, that...
    Mark Kane
  • Tesla Selected To Supply Powerpacks For Australia’s New Renewable Energy Project 20. 10. 2017.
    Tesla has won another energy storage order in Australia – this time the company will contribute to the $160 million Kennedy Energy Park (Kennedy) – a hybrid renewable energy project. Windlabs will soon begin construction of the facility, which will consist of: 43.2 MW Wind power 15 MW AC, single...
    Mark Kane
  • Porsche Mission E Rendered In Production Form 20. 10. 2017.
    Porsche is on a mission: to launch its first-ever EV. This is how it might look. We’ve seen the concept and the prototype (see examples of both below), so it makes perfect sense that our colleagues at OmniAuto (via Motor1) have decided to put the two in their Photoshop blender to create what we believe is...
    Adrian Padeanu
  • Tesla Model 3 Autopark In Action – Video 20. 10. 2017.
    After some calibration, this Tesla Model 3 performs perpendicular Autopark, a recently released feature on Tesla’s newest car. The calibration, or recalibration process, requires that one drives the car for up to 50 miles on straight, or somewhat straight, well-marked roads so that the sensors can be retrained following an...
    Eric Loveday
  • First Red Tesla Model 3 With Tinted Windows – Video 20. 10. 2017.
    Ever wonder what a red Tesla Model 3 would look like with some tinted windows? Wonder no more as the folks over at OCDetailing have just released video of such a vehicle.  Apparently, the company will be the sole source of live-feedback for the Tesla in the wild. Also: Check...
    Eric Loveday


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  • 1st Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Full-Scale Project Under Construction (CleanTechnica Exclusive) 20. 10. 2017.
    Sitting at a Hyperloop Transportation Technologies presentation here at Autonomy, it was fun listening to Chairman Bibop G. Gresta talk about transportation problems and then how hyperloops can help solve them. He's a funny guy, and he put the problems of current transportation methods into stark terms (using pictures and videos from the real world, of course) […]
    Zachary Shahan
  • BNEF Says NEG Could Deliver 42% Renewables By 2030, Same As Finkel 20. 10. 2017.
    Originally published on RenewEconomy Leading energy industry analyst Bloomberg New Energy Finance says the federal government’s proposed National Energy Guarantee could deliver a 42% renewable energy share by 2030 – the same level forecast by the Finkel Review. The assessment is significant because the prospect of a 42% share of renewables was clearly too much […]
    Giles Parkinson
  • India’s Largest Generator Achieves First-ever 100 Million kWh Solar Generation In A Month 20. 10. 2017.
    India’s largest power generator NTPC Limited achieved a unique feat that signals the company’s direction in the future. The company reported over 100 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar power generation in a month for the first time ever, achieved in August India’s Largest Generator Achieves First-ever 100 Million kWh Solar Generation In A Month was […]
    Saurabh Mahapatra
  • Universal Energy Access By 2030 Compatible With Meeting Global Climate Goals 20. 10. 2017.
    A new analysis from the International Energy Agency has found that the most cost-effective strategy for bringing universal energy access to developing countries is also compatible with meeting global climate goals.  Universal Energy Access By 2030 Compatible With Meeting Global Climate Goals was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 […]
    Joshua S Hill
  • Minnesota Regulators Eye Subcommittee To Resolve Distributed Generation Disputes 20. 10. 2017.
    Better technology and falling costs for years have buoyed the clean energy economy, steadily putting rooftop solar, energy efficiency, and other distributed energy resources within reach of more U.S. households and businesses. Still, many utilities remain averse to accommodating these amenities despite significant — and rising — demand in the marketplace Minnesota Regulators Eye Subcommittee […]
    John Farrell