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  • EVgo Reveals the 10 Most Charged Up Cities in the US. 950th Charger Installed 21. 08. 2017.
    EVgo has revealed an interesting list of the 10 so-called “most charged up cities in the U.S.”, which in this case means the cities with highest number of charging sessions registered. 8 out of 10 top EVgo markets are in California, which is not strange as California is home to most...
    Mark Kane
  • Audi, BMW Must “Evaluate” DTM Future After Mercedes Exit, Formula E Interest Soars 21. 08. 2017.
    Audi and BMW have issued their initial responses to the shock announcement that Mercedes will exit the DTM after the 2018 season and turn to Formula E. By – Jamie Klein – It was announced recently that the Stuttgart marque will withdraw from the German tin-top series after next...
  • McLaren Developing All-Electric Ultimate Series Hypercar 21. 08. 2017.
    First production run may be limited to five examples McLaren is one of the most lauded names in hypercar history. It now leans heavily upon hybrid technology to help out the V8 engine in its range-topping P1, and plans to continue down that path until, by 2022, half of its lineup...
    Domenick Yoney
  • Study Suggests 75 Of Top 100 Automotive Suppliers Will Be Irrelevant By 2030 Unless They Shift To EVs 21. 08. 2017.
    The upcoming mass electrification of the automobile was compared by Automotive News to a meteor that wipes out all the dinosaurs … who in this case, are traditional auto parts suppliers. The issue of the transition to EVs is of course broader that just parts;  there will also be less servicing,...
    Mark Kane
  • Tesla Tiny House Educates Consumers About Solar & Powerwall 21. 08. 2017.
    The Tesla Tiny House makes it easy for consumers to see the benefits of solar panels and home energy storage (Tesla Powerwall). Home energy storage is a fairly new concept and is only allowed in certain areas. For this reason, people tend to be in the dark regarding its benefits...
    Steven Loveday
  • Tesla Model X Outguns Lamborghini Aventador To Set new World Record – Video 21. 08. 2017.
    DragTimes took the Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous to the Palm Beach International Raceway for a duel with a Lamborghini Aventador SV. Despite the fact the X wasn’t fully charged (three quarters), the driver managed to set new world record for SUV acceleration: 11.418 seconds at 117.95 mph And on at...
    Mark Kane
  • Opinion: Gauging Changing Perceptions Of Formula E 21. 08. 2017.
    Formula E is nearly three seasons old, and in that time the all-electric series has gone from being seen as a quirky oddity in the motorsport world to a serious, well-respected championship, writes Sam Smith. Acquired tastes abound in racing, and none more so than Formula E. Since the advent...
  • Lucid Motors Displays Updated All-Electric Air 21. 08. 2017.
    Lucid Motors was present at this year’s Monterey Car Week (August 16–20), with the latest version of its all-electric Air luxury car. We don’t know what exactly what changes were made (we are hopeful of a product update shortly), but it seems that that exterior is maturing with at least a...
    Mark Kane
  • Frankfurt-Bound Concept Will Preview Upcoming Electric MINI 21. 08. 2017.
    A concept with the look and design of the upcoming all-electric MINI will make its first debut at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show. According to BMW, the future pure electric hatch will be built in the United Kingdom, with its drivetrain assembled in Germany. Specifically, the electric MINI will be...
    Steven Loveday
  • What’s Tesla’s Plan For Its Upcoming Electric Semi? 21. 08. 2017.
    HERE’S THE REAL PLAN FOR THE TESLA SEMI Tesla’s electric Class 8 semi truck is due to be unveiled in September, and rumors are flying about how it’s going to work. It seems obvious that a long-haul truck would need a gargantuan battery pack – could battery swapping/leasing be a solution? Will...


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  • Musk & 116 Others Tell UN To Ban Weapons Controlled By Artificial Intelligence 21. 08. 2017.
    I you are the National Rifle Association, you are all in favor of weapons like drones, tanks, machine guns, and submarines controlled by artificial intelligence. After all, the Founding Fathers clearly anticipated such things when they were making provisions for a "well regulated militia." Death-dealing devices that tear flesh from bone in the most gruesome […]
    Steve Hanley
  • SolarStratos: First Solar-Powered Plane To Journey Into Space 21. 08. 2017.
    Having succeeded in making the first ever solar-powered round-the-world trip in 2012, the team behind PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered boat in the world, have now set their sights on another solar-powered first -- a journey into space. SolarStratos: First Solar-Powered Plane To Journey Into Space was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, […]
    The Beam
  • Alison Launches Free Online Solar Energy Certificate Course 21. 08. 2017.
    The Ireland-based e-learning platform Alison, or Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online, generally considered the first massive open online course (MOOC) provider, is making it easier for more people to get a basic education in solar energy with its latest launch. Alison Launches Free Online Solar Energy Certificate Course was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read […]
    Derek Markham
  • Expect More Volatility In European Electricity Pricing 21. 08. 2017.
    Electricity prices in Europe will become volatile, variable renewable energy will grow but will still be supplemented significantly by conventional power plants. These are of some of the main outcomes of the power price scenario EU Energy Outlook Expect More Volatility In European Electricity Pricing was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, […]
    Guest Contributor
  • 97-Year-Old Man Rides In A Tesla Model S (Video) 21. 08. 2017.
    Tesla continues to get more free advertising than any company in history thanks to the magic of cheap video cameras and YouTube. In the past few days, a 97 year old man got his first ride in a Model S and a Model X set a new world record for an SUV at the drag […]
    Steve Hanley